Te Whare Taiao o Ngāti Rēhia
Ngāti Rēhia Environmental Services

Fostering Environmental Kaitiakitanga within Ngāti Rēhia

At Te Whare Taiao o Ngāti Rēhia, we are deeply committed to fulfilling our kaitiaki responsibilities, ensuring the preservation, protection, and enhancement of our natural environment. Our approach is rooted in the values of kaitiakitanga, sustainability, cultural resilience, and collaboration, offering a range of services to foster a deep connection and respect for our land, waterways, and ecosystems:

  • Hapū Ranger Services: Dedicated to monitoring and maintaining the health of our natural environment.
  • Kauri Sanctuary (Tākou Bay): Protecting and nurturing our Kauri, including seed banking and treatment of Kauri Dieback.
  • Freshwater Monitoring: Ensuring the purity and sustainability of our water resources.
  • Policy and Planning Development: Shaping policies that align with our environmental goals and values.
  • Māramataka Mātauranga & Training: Providing education and training based on traditional Māori environmental knowledge.
  • Eco-Cultural Tourism: Promoting sustainable tourism that respects and celebrates our natural heritage.
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture: Managing and sustaining our marine resources responsibly.
  • Māori Trade Training Provider: Offering training in trades that support environmental management and sustainability.
  • AHI KAA Services: Assisting in the cultural induction and monitoring of development projects to ensure they align with our environmental values.
  • Te Ahutai – Predator Free 2050: Contributing to nationwide efforts in predator control to protect our native biodiversity.

Ahi Kaa Services

Why Choose Us?

Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Rēhia have a dedicated team of well-trained staff able to cover a wide range of tasks:

  1. to maintain tikanga of Ngāti Rēhia hapū in Kaitiakitanga, Manaakitanga and Aroha.
  2. to provide focus and direction to Ngāti Rēhia in fulfilling our Kaitiaki responsibilities to Te Taiao (the natural environment).
  3. to ensure that our values, our heritage, and the relationship of Ngāti Rēhia to our environment is not further lost and degraded by increasing development pressure.
  4. to provide partnership and assistance to the various agencies with statutory responsibility for sustainable management of resources within our rohe (region), in a way that is consistent with the values, principles and aspirations of Ngāti Rēhia.


What We Do?

Historically, Ngāti Rēhia, like many tangata whenua have fulfilled its Kaitiaki responsibilities on a voluntary basis. Unfortunately, this is not sustainable.

Unlike the statutory agencies, Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Rēhia are not externally resourced to fulfil the various statutory and customary responsibilities we have in:

  1. assisting developers and FNDC / NRC in blessings of whenua and events
  2. cultural induction for all operations teams before work begins
  3. trained cultural monitors
  4. cultural impact assessments
  5. Kerikeri / Waipapa spatial planning
  6. District plan consultation
  7. Freshwater monitoring
  8. Resource Consent consultation with developer and Local Authorities
  9. Policy and planning development

Our Fees

Initial Consultation Meeting $ 250
Additional Consultation Process $ 210 / hr
Research, CIA writing $ 210 / hr
Cultural Monitoring $ 150
Site Visits $ 150 / hr
Monitoring $ 150 / hr
Travel $ 0.93 / km
Minimum for small scale CIA $ 5,000
Minimum for large scale CIA $ 10,000
Blessings and cultural induction (if required) $ 1,000

– All charges are exclusive of GST