Te Ahutai Is Nurturing Whānau Creativity

25 October 2023

Ko te ahurei taiao, he tupu hāpai, kia tau te wā

Our future for nature requires a unique spiritual and uplifting action

Unveiling Te Ahutai’s Vision

Te Ahutai’s mission is deeply rooted in the values and aspirations that resonate with our hapū. The vision, “Ko te ahurei taiao, he tupu hāpai, kia tau te wā,” beautifully captures the essence of the mahi. It speaks to a future where our connection with nature takes a unique and spiritually uplifting form.

The Essence of Te Ahutai’s Name

The name “Te Ahutai” holds profound significance. Derived from ‘Ahu’ and ‘Tai,’ it symbolizes the heart of their project. ‘Ahu’ embodies creativity, a desire to think innovatively, reconnect with nature, and advocate for the environment on behalf of our hapū. ‘Tai,’ on the other hand, pays homage to our environment and nature. It goes beyond pest control, focusing on safeguarding our precious taonga and restoring the health of our whenua and ngahere, as well as our people.

Shaping Te Ahutai’s Tohu

Te Ahutai’s tohu design competition invites all of our community members, whether individuals, groups, or kura, to participate. The challenge is to create a tohu that encapsulates the name’s essence and represents Ngāti Rēhia and our rohe. Your design could feature a native bird commonly found in our region, one historically present, or even a majestic rākau that holds significance for us. Remember, color carries meaning too and can add depth to your design.

Share Your Unique Ngāti Rēhia Story

What makes this competition even more special is the opportunity to infuse your tohu with a unique Ngāti Rehia story. This narrative will enrich the tohu’s significance and connect it to our rich cultural heritage.

Win Up to $500!

As a token of appreciation for your creative contribution, Te Ahutai is offering a monetary prize of up to $500 for the winning design. The top three designs will be shared with our whānau for a collective vote.

How to Participate

To enter the competition, simply submit your tohu designs to teahutai@ngatirehia.co.nz by the closing date on Friday, 17 November 2023.

Let’s Create Together!

We encourage all members of our whānau to get involved and support Te Ahutai in their mission. Let’s come together, celebrate our culture, nurture our environment, and showcase our creativity through this wonderful initiative. Your participation truly matters, and together, we can make a difference!

Stay tuned for more updates and be part of this inspiring journey with Te Ahutai. Let’s celebrate our unique identity and the beauty of our rohe.