Incredible Years Parenting Programme

Starting 7 August 2023

We are looking to run our IYP programme again this year, starting 7 August 2023.

What is Incredible Years?

The Incredible Years Programme is aimed at helping parents:

  • to have a better relationship with their children
  • stimulate their children’s development
  • gain skills to feel more confident about their parenting
  • have positive and nurturing parenting styles
  • lessen harsh parenting practices
  • establish better relations with the child’s teacher

Our sessions will focus on promoting your child’s social, emotional, and language development as well as the ability to persist and be successful in school.

Does it work?

Parent training remains the single most effective way to help young children with challenging behaviour problems. The Incredible Years Programme focuses on:

  • how to play with your child
  • the value of effective praise
  • using rewards to motivate children
  • how to set limits with your children
  • how to handle misbehaviour with ignoring, distractions, redirects, warnings
  • time outs for aggressive behaviour
  • logical and natural consequences
  • creative problem solving

Eligibility & Length

Once a programme is full, parents will be put on the waiting list for the next programme. The methods taught are:

  • based on the way children develop
  • tried and tested and been proven to work with children in many different countries and cultures, including New Zealand
  • encouraging a nurturing relationship in the process of learning about our children’s behaviour:
    • allowing parents to work together to find solutions that suit them best
    • enable parents to discover new skills that they can use
    • shows parents in actual situations interacting with their children by using DVD/video recordings
    • using role play by presenters and parents to help gain skills
    • creates home work that encourages parents to practice the new skills at home
    • ensures parents in the group are encouraged to support each other

We’ll also focus on tools for building family relationships and support networks as well as problem solving methods and self-regulation skills to manage stress.